• Dariel Garner

    I am becoming more and more uncomfortable when someone talks of defending our democracy in America without first recognizing that democracy does not exist here and indeed functionally never has.

    Has our media ever been more open to a diversity of opinions than it is today?…And if that is true isn’t it thanks only to the internet, as media itself has become more highly concentrated and controlled than ever before.

    Seems to me that the information I hold dear may well seem like disinformation to others. The studies that point to poverty related social factors killing one American every 36 seconds (Columbia SchPubHealth) or that the opinion citizenry had a zero effect upon congress over a recent 20 year period unless the people agreed with elite classes ( Gilens/Page Prinseton study) or the studies that fall in agreement with Jimmy Carter’s statement from several years ago that we do “not have a functional democracy at this time”.