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Fenton Awards $30k in First-Ever Social Media Grants
Jul 9, 2009; 3BL Media | NYC-area nonprofits were eligible for one of three grants from Fenton Communications, each worth $10k, to help develop and further their social media strategies.  The Astraea Lesbian Foundation for Justice, Let’s Get Ready and Volunteer Consulting Group were selected.  —James David Morgan

2nd UPDATE: Philadelphia Stops Paying Vendors In Cash Crisis
Jul 17, 2009; Wall Street Journal | Many states and localities have problems with making prompt payments to vendors, both nonprofit and for-profit.  But the current economic crisis is causing late payment problems of a different sort, where there’s no money in the government’s till to pay the bills.  This news from Philadelphia is shocking, but not unprecedented.  Most states are facing huge deficits and can’t get budgets passed or passed on time (see this Wall Street Journal article), and the reverberations down to nonprofits working on cost-reimbursement contracts are all too obvious.  California has taken the unusual step of issuing IOUs (formally, ‘register warrants’) for vendors, though banks such as Wells Fargo, JP Morgan, and the Bank of America have indicated that they will stop accepting and cashing IOUs as though they were California government-issued checks, because they seem to have limited belief in the state’s ability to generate the revenues to pay them off.  If you rank the sources of the nonprofit sector’s galloping crisis, state government budget issues have to rank at just about the top.  —Rick Cohen

2009 Bridge Conference Begins in DC Tomorrow
Jul 20, 2009;
| The Nonprofit Quarterly is a Sustaining Partner of this year’s Bridge Conference.  Maximize your direct marketing and fundraising programs with seminars from the best in the business, and visit with us this week!  —James David Morgan

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